Applicant Data / Data Calon Siswa
Welcome to SPH Lippo Village Online Application Portal

In order to ensure the integrity of the application, only parents’ or legal guardians’ of prospective students are allowed to fill out the application. The SPH Admissions Office reserves the right to void applications submitted by persons other than the parents or legal guardian.

Step 1
Fill out an Application Form

Step 2
Make a registration payment

Registration fee Rp. 1.000.000,- is non refundable. The cost for sibling is Rp. 500.000,- .

Transfer the payment to :
Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan
CIMB Niaga Tangerang
No. Acc : 8001.086.96.200
Remark : Name of registrant(s) and entering grade
Step 3
Upload Documents
a. Proof of Registration Payment
b. Student’s Birth Certificate
c. Student’s Family Card
d. Student’s & Parents’ passports
e. Report Card ( 3 previous years )
Report Card can be sent via email to
or sent to:

Admissions Office
SPH Lippo Village
2500 Bulevar Palem Raya
Lippo Village – Tangerang 15810

Step 4
1. Schedule for a test

Call Admissions Office at 021-5460233 to get test schedule.

2. Wait for the result

To be eligible for the test, make sure you have completed application form, uploaded, and sent the required documents a week before the test/observation. Applicant with incomplete documents will be rescheduled to the next test schedule.

After Acceptance

After you are accepted, you will need to:

Fill out additional forms and upload documents that are listed in your account:

a. Sport Questionnaire Form
b. Medical History and Health Form
c. Parenting Form
d. Government Student Form
e. Parents’ color photos ( minimum 80KB, with solid color background )
f. STTB SD/SMP ( grade 7-11 student )
g. SKHUN SD/SMP ( grade 7-11 student )
Additional forms for non- Indonesian citizen:

a. Student’s & Parents’ KITAS
b. Statement Letter
c. Financial Sponsorship Letter

§ A stamp is required before signing the documents

Please type name as in passport. | Tulis nama sesuai dengan paspor.


First and Middle Name(s) – Please make sure it matches the passport

Nama Keluarga
Nama di Akta Kelahiran (Jika berbeda dengan paspor)
Jenis Kelamin
Anak ke
Tempat Lahir
Tanggal Lahir
Kewarganegaraan II
Bahasa Ibu
Jika lainnya, mohon disebutkan:
Nama Gereja

Address | Alamat

Alamat Jalan 2
Nomor Telepon yang Bisa Dihubungi
Nama Sekolah Asal

Only student from school in Indonesia has this number.

Mendaftar untuk Kelas
Tahun Ajaran